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The karimojong are part of an ethnic group once called the Nilo-Hamites and now referred to as the Nilotes of the plains, and they are located in the Nother Eastern part of Uganda covering abount 27000 square kilometers area of semi-arid savanna, bush and mountains, to the east, the escapement drops down into turkana districts in Kenya; to the North is the sudan; to the west and south are the Ugandan districts populated by different tribes 

Karamoja is well known for its rich and conservative culture, social organization system and age groups are still functional in the region, and the elders are highly respected and influence many decisions within and around their communities.

Your tour to karamoja will expose you to the most authentic and untamed Uganda’s cultures that have been kept as a secret for years because of the insecurity which was affecting the region. Through booking with us you chance to,


The villages are incredibly built and surrounded by sharp acacia with small entry points around the village and with a big enclosed compound in between it where animals are kept during the rainy season. You will also encounter the daily karimojong traditional dances, games and exchange your cooking lesson, check hands s with the karimojongchiefs. There is also an option of staying for an overnight with them to experience and test all it takes to be a local karimojong


The kraal is a temporary camp for men, young boys and their livestock normally located in the middle of nowhereand in a place which is historical remembered. This is completely different from the villages, when in this tour, you will experience all about a Nomadic karimojongwarrior, participate in the milking of cows and bloodletting an activity Normally done by all karimojongNomads, therefore, blood and milk is the only food warriors survive on in the kraal and its only once on daily basis. You will as well be having your dinner around the campfire, interacting directly with the warriors, sleeping under bright stars and participating in their daily life in the wilderness


Karamojas mountain ranges are quietly waiting for adventurous travelers. The mountains are an exciting alternative to the more strenuous climbs in Uganda with many of the same attractions and lower elevations that does not require any special equipment or technical experience

We organize multiple mountain hikes to all the four highest mountains in karamoja region, each of these four mountains Has got its own characteristics, biodiversity and variety of trails, that makes every hike a unique experience. During the hike we will also share the unique way of living and traditions of the indigenous tribes living on the mountains. During the hikes we set a camp on strategic locations to have front row seats of the sunset and sunrise. With many options of different sites like, breath taking views, caves, homesteads, camps, sunsets and sunrise.

Nature walks 

We also organize nature walks to along the valley of mount moroto where you will encounter the true wild of the tepeth community who are also known as the minority groups in Uganda, walking along this communities also exposes you into their way of life, enjoy the sunset in one of the toppling rocks with a cold drink while interacting with the tepeth communities


OUR professional guides and nature enthusiasts will be on hand to ensure your journey with Nkundwa Safaris is the very best safari experience imaginable.


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